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Why Should We Choose Professional Athlete Socks?

Professional athlete socks are very important equipment. A good pair of socks can provide comfortable foot feeling, good air permeability, avoid blistering as much as possible, and reduce the generation of peculiar smell to a certain extent.

The problem of ordinary socks: the 100% cotton material of ordinary socks tends to gather all the sweat on the feet. In winter, it will be quite cold and easy to blister. Because of Cotton socks and nylon socks' high friction, which creates heat, they result in excessive foot temperature sweating increased, and wet skin softened, friction increased, and eventually blistered.

The professional sports socks will design some functions according to some conditions of sports: the most important is the permeability--the function of heat dissipation, warmth preservation, and anti-skid ability. Professional sports socks will also add different density of elastic fiber, which can compress the foot, promote blood flow, and reduce the swelling caused by long-term running. Good sports socks will also be smoothed at the seams, leaving no thread, reducing the chance of blisters caused by friction. In a word, if your feet are smelly feet, sweaty feet, delicate skin, and easy to blister, and if you run a lot of marathons, you need to choose the right professional socks.

Pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing Socks:

1、 Choose thick socks for running. It is mainly used for shock absorption, reducing foot pressure, and providing better coverage. For those who have an ankle injury and are prone to sweating, we should choose thick socks. The average person must choose at least to have the thickened material or the weaving method st the foot head place. Running often has forward momentum, and the front thickening can protect the big toe better so that the feet feel soft and comfortable. For fast runners, such socks are perfect.

2、 Choose the arch reinforcement design and loop weaving at the sole of the Garter, which is good for perspiration and ventilation and can keep the feet dry even if there is more perspiration.

3、 The tightness of the stocking welt is also an important part of the fit. Do not forget to check the design and elasticity of the stocking welt, and pay attention to whether the stocking welt is fit when trying on.

4、 The material of sports socks is similar to that of sports underwear, which can also be divided into chemical fiber and wool. Winter running or outdoor long-distance hiking will choose wool socks, because wool socks have better warmth retention, and generally use high-quality wool. But the overall wear resistance of wool socks is relatively poor. There will be a pilling phenomenon, and the feet will be a little slippery after sweating in summer. When running in summer, you can choose chemical fiber ankle socks, which will be cooler. And ankle socks with sneakers is now a very fashionable form of wear.

5、 Split toe socks. It can avoid friction between toes and blisters during long-distance running. But it also involves a habit problem.

6、 Compression socks. It is also popular now. The concept of compression socks was first used in the medical field to promote blood circulation and improve varicose veins. Later, it was gradually used for reference in the field of sports and made into sports equipment to reduce muscle pain caused by sports, promote blood circulation, and improve recovery speed.

So, according to your actual needs to choose whether to need professional socks and choose what kind of professional socks. Of course, we provide you with a wealth of choices. Hope you have a good time shopping!

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